Meishuo's Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam

Meishuo’s Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam: IXPE Foam MSI30 for Versatile Applications

Meishuo takes pride in offering high-quality cross linked polyethylene foam solutions, including the innovative IXPE Foam MSI30. IXPE foam is cross-linked through irradiation, where the polyethylene resin is heated and foamed to form a completed independent-cell-structure foam. Meishuo’s expertise in foam manufacturing ensures that businesses can benefit from the exceptional properties of cross-linked polyethylene foam, including its closed-cell structure, expansion in width and thickness, and versatility for various applications.

Independent and Closed-Cell Structure for Superior Performance

Meishuo’s IXPE Foam MSI30 features a completed independent-cell-structure foam, with almost 100% of the cells being closed-cell. This unique structure enhances the foam’s insulation properties, providing excellent thermal and sound insulation. The closed-cell structure also ensures that the foam is impermeable to air and moisture, making it suitable for applications where moisture resistance and protection are crucial.

Expansion in Width and Thickness for Enhanced Versatility

During the foaming process, the air is introduced into the cells, allowing the foam material to expand both in width and thickness. This expansion in size makes Meishuo’s cross-linked polyethylene foam highly versatile for various applications. The foam can be easily molded, shaped, or cut to fit specific requirements, offering flexibility in design and usage. Whether it’s for packaging, cushioning, insulation, or other industrial applications, Meishuo’s IXPE Foam MSI30 provides a reliable and customizable solution.


Meishuo’s cross-linked polyethylene foam, specifically IXPE Foam MSI30, offers exceptional performance and versatility for a wide range of applications. The foam’s independent and closed-cell structure ensures superior insulation and protection against air and moisture. Additionally, the expansion in width and thickness provides flexibility in design and customization, making it suitable for various industrial needs.

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