What Meat Should You Eat with Rum?

Food is just the best – a delicious meal can help you get over a bad day at work. But the right beverage can elevate this experience no end. For those who relish the blend of strong, earthy flavours, the combination of rum and meat is a timeless delight. We want to talk more about meats and rums today so you can start to pair them effectively!

Understanding Rum Varieties

We first need to address the sheer diversity that exists in the rum world. There’s not just a single ‘rum’ that exists. From the dark and rich notes of aged rums, to the vibrant and spicy character of young rums, each variety offers a unique flavour profile that complements different meats in distinctive ways.

Light Rums

Light rums, also known as white rums, have a subtle flavour profile with hints of vanilla and almond. These pair well with lighter meats such as poultry and fish. Malibu rum liquor is your classic light rum.

Gold Rums

Gold rums, sometimes referred to as amber rums, have a richer and slightly sweeter taste, making them a natural companion for pork and ham dishes.

Dark Rums

Dark rums are often aged longer, which gives them a pronounced molasses flavour. Their robust notes are a good fit for beef and other red meats, offering a bold contrast in taste.

Matching Meat with Rum

Your choice of meat can greatly affect how the flavours of rum are experienced. Here are classic pairings that are sure to tantalise your taste buds:

Pork and Spiced Rum

Pork’s mild flavour pairs exceptionally with the warm spices found in spiced rum. This bold fusion works wonders in dishes like rum-glazed ham, pulled pork seasoned with spiced rum, or even a rum-infused pork roast.

Beef and Aged Rum

The complexity of aged rum enhances the deep flavour of beef, creating a symphony of taste. Aged rum is perfect for marinating steaks and in the preparation of hearty beef stews.

Chicken and Citrus-Infused Rum

The lightness and juiciness of chicken make it a great canvas for the zesty notes of citrus-infused rum. A splash of citrus rum in a marinade for grilled chicken can bring a refreshing twist to poultry dishes.

Cooking Tips for Meat-Rum Pairings

It’s not just about the meat and rum, but how you prepare them. Here are some cooking tips to help you perfect the art of meat-rum pairings:

Marinades and Glazes

Marinating your meat in rum can tenderise it and infuse it with rich flavours. Use light or amber rums for shorter marination times with light meats, and dark or aged rums for longer marination with heavier meats.

Grilling and Roasting Techniques

Grilling and roasting are favourable cooking techniques that can enhance the flavours of meat and rum. The caramelization from grilling adds depth to the dish, while roasting meats with a rum glaze can create succulent textures and layers of taste.

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